10 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is one of those multi-purpose, wonder products that you need in your life. We all know it’s a great healthy product to have in your kitchen, but there’re so many different ways you can incorporate it into your beauty routine too. It’s natural, versatile and smells amazing! What’s not to love about coconut oil? I keep a jar of raw organic extra virgin coconut oil in my bathroom that I use for beauty purposes only and today I’m going to share 10 beauty applications of this miracle product. If you don’t have coconut oil at home, I suggest that you pick up a jar and give it a try, because it can work wonders on your face, hair and body and you need it in your beauty stash.

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  1. Hair mask – When my hair needs extra conditioning I like to make my own DIY hair mask by mixing 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1tbsp honey. Then I apply this all over my hair and leave it on for 20-30 min before washing it out. It immediately makes my hair softer and healthier.
  2. Hair conditioner – If you don’t want to mix coconut oil with other products, you can just use it as a hair treatment on its own. I rub a small amount of coconut oil in my hands, apply it to the ends of my hair and then rinse it off. If I notice any split ends, I like to use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. I just apply a thin layer all over my hands and run my fingers through the ends of my hair. It smoothes any fizziness and adds shine to my hair.
  3. Shaving gel – Coconut oil works great as a shaving gel, in fact, better than some shaving gels I’ve tried. I only need a small amount and it leaves my legs smooth and moisturised. It melts in the shower, so you can use it straight from the jar.
  4. Body scrub – I stopped buying body scrubs a while ago and now I use homemade coconut oil salt scrub. I just mix 1 cup sea salt with 1/2 cup coconut oil, but if you prefer, you can use sugar instead of salt. The salt exfoliates the skin while the coconut oil leaves it soft and nourished. Just be careful when you use it in the shower, as it makes it quite slippery! You can also mix coconut oil with brown sugar and you have a homemade natural sugar lip scrub.
  5. Lip balm – Once in a while I like to rub a tiny amount of coconut oil into my lips for deep nourishment. It’s a great remedy for dry and chapped lips.
  6. Body oil – I sometimes heat up a small amount of coconut oil and use it as a body moisturiser. It makes my skin baby-soft and smelling like a beach holiday. If you’re worried about your skin being too oily, just mix a little bit of coconut oil with your body moisturiser and then apply it to the skin.
  7. Cuticle oil – I like to apply coconut oil at the base of my nails and on my cuticles and it’s a very effective treatment for dry or cracked cuticles.
  8. Makeup remover – If you like using an oil cleanser, you can use coconut oil to take your makeup off. It’s gentle, but very effective and great for stubborn mascara. I massage it into my skin and then use a warm wet cloth to wipe it off. It melts away any makeup and unlike other makeup removers it doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight feeling.
  9. Face moisturiser – I haven’t tried putting coconut oil all over my face, but when I notice any dry areas, usually on the cheeks, I apply a little bit of coconut oil on them before going to bed and in the morning I wake up with soft, hydrated and glowing skin.
  10. Makeup brush cleanser – I heat up 1 tbsp coconut oil for about 30 seconds and mix it with antibacterial soup. When I’m done, my brushes are like new and there’s no makeup residue left.

Teodora x

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Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Coconut Merchant


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