High-End Make-Up Products Worth The Splurge


The splurge vs. save debate is one of my favourite topics to discuss when it comes to make-up. I’m someone that appreciates the benefits of premium products, but I don’t believe in always buying the most expensive make-up and I think that some products are more splurge-worthy than others. Your opinion might be different depending on what products you like to use and where you like to spend your money, but as someone who loves make-up and have tried numerous drugstore and high-end products, I wanted to give you my thoughts on the subject. So, today I’m sharing with you what I think is worth spending your money on when it comes to make-up – where to splurge and treat yourself! I will do a separate post on products that I don’t think are worth the splurge and give you some great drugstore alternatives if you are looking to save when buying make-up.


The one I have been enjoying using is the YSL Touche Éclat Blur primer. I wasn’t a fan of primers and didn’t think they were worth the investment until I discovered this one. A good primer helps your foundation go on smoother and last longer or can even be worn on its own. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a drugstore primer that worked well on my skin. Instead of helping my makeup, they would do exactly the opposite – my foundation wouldn’t glide like it normally does and would go flaky right away. So I decided to take the plunge and buy the YSL Touche Éclat. I love it because it blurs the look of pores, gives a silky smooth finish and a subtle glow to the skin and makes my foundation look flawless!



Base products in general are where I like to spend more, because I think that getting your base right is the most important step in your makeup routine. High-end foundations tend to have a better shade and finish options making it easier to find one that looks natural and undetectable on the skin. Plus, you can go to a counter to get colour-matched by a professional, receive a consultation and pick up a free sample. My current favourite foundation is the Diorskin Forever fluid, which provides medium coverage and a beautiful, natural-skin finish. It’s really easy to apply with your fingertips, a damp sponge or a stippling brush. It lasts all day without caking or oxidising; it has SPF 35 and comes in 28 shades, which is difficult to find in drugstore foundations.



If you use a concealer, it’s important that you have the correct shade and finish, so just like foundations, high-end concealers are splurge-worthy. You want a concealer that is high coverage, easy to blend and doesn’t fade or crease throughout the day. I’m currently using the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer which has a great formula and excellent coverage. It works perfectly on blemishes, under the eyes and on the eyelids as an eyeshadow primer. It’s one of the top-selling concealers and truly lives up to the hype.


Eyeshadow Palettes

You can find great individual eyeshadows on the high street, but the cheaper eyeshadow palettes are just not as good as the more expensive ones. A good eyeshadow palette is one in which every shade is wearable, pigmented and long-lasting. Eyeshadow palettes like the Urban Decay Naked are so worth the money. You get 12 beautiful shades that will last you for ages and unlike the drugstore dupes, they also come with great brushes. While the price tag of the whole palette may seem a bit high, if you break it down per shadow, you get excellent value for money.



A year ago I was convinced that drugstore mascaras were as good as the high-end ones. I have tried so many different brands at different price points and some of the cheap ones actually performed better than some of the more expensive ones, but my all-time favourite is by far the Diorshow mascara. I don’t like to wear false lashes, so having a really good mascara is important to me. Dior mascaras contain lash-care ingredients which is something that I haven’t found in any of the cheaper mascaras and come in different shades from classic black and brown to brighter blue and plum shades.


Teodora x


YSL Touche Éclat Blur Primer

Diorskin Forever Foundation

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

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