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Over the past few years I’ve become a bit of a frequent flyer. As I pack for another flight, I thought now is the perfect time to write a post about my flight essentials. This is going to be a relatively short early morning flight and I’m planning to spend my time on the plane reading, writing my next blog post and possibly watching a movie, so I’m not bringing  a pillow, eye mask and ear plugs that I would normally have with me on a long-haul flight.

I’m travelling with only a carry-on bag, so I need to make sure that all of my essentials fit nicely in there and they all meet the hand luggage restrictions (just visiting my family for a few days, so I don’t need to bring a suitcase). I’m taking my favourite Tripp Superlight travel bag which is just the right size to hold everything I need and fit under the seat in front of me.  So, here is what’s in my carry-on bag.


I keep all of my liquid products in a clear cosmetic case from Muji. I recommend getting one of these over buying the disposable plastic bags from the airport. It is much better value for money, especially if you fly frequently. To save space, I like to bring sample-size products and some perfume in my Travalo and avoid anything larger than 30ml. A few things I always have with me are a face moisturiser, hand cream and lip balm to protect my skin and lips from the dry cabin air. A small liquid hand sanitizer is a must for me as well as a roll on deodorant and a hair brush to help me freshen up after the flight.

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When I travel I like to wear some comfy jeans and trainers as well as a scarf to cuddle up if I get cold on the plane. I sometimes use my scarf as a blanket or roll it up as a pillow. If I have any heavy, bulky clothes like a jacket or an oversized jumper I always wear them to maximize the space in my carry-on bag. Besides, they keep me warm on the plane and create extra comfort.


I always have my phone and a pair of headphones with me. I’m trying to pack light and efficiently for this trip, so I am going to use my phone as my reading device and my camera. I know I am going to need it a lot during the flight, so I am bringing my Anker portable charger, which can fully charge my Samsung S6 three times. I also have a magazine, pen and notebook, as I like to keep myself busy on the plane.


I want to be able to reach my passport, boarding card and payment cards easily whenever I need them, so I keep them all in one pouch, which I find works better for me than having a regular wallet.

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Clothes and Accessories

I am bringing a pair of heels, some clothes, sunglasses and a small cross-body bag that goes with everything. I am going to use the bag as extra storage and keep smaller items like jewellery and non-liquid beauty products in it. I like to keep my bag and shoes in dust bags to make sure everything in my luggage stays clean and protected. I never leave my house without a watch and I will make sure it is set to the time at my destination as soon as my flight departs.

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The last few items I am packing are tissues, wet wipes, chewing gums, nail file, band-aids, multi-vitamins and painkillers. It’s always a good idea to have some snacks with you if you don’t want to end up eating unhealthy, overpriced food at the airport. Travelling can be fun but also stressful and it’s easy to forget to drink enough water, so as soon as I’ve passed through security control I am buying a big bottle to make sure I stay hydrated and avoid getting a headache during the flight.

Teodora x

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Travel Bag – Tripp

Cosmetic Case – Muji

Portable Charger – Anker

Refillable Perfume Spray – Travalo

Notebook – Moleskin

Hair Brush – Tangle Teezer

Pouch – See by Chloe

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  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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      Thank you!

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    You seem like a very organized person. I wish I could say the same for me. 🙂 🙂

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    …and very well written. BRAVO!!!

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      I try to stay organised, thank you. I’m glad you liked the post! 🙂

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    Thank’s great post.

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